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Siemens PABX HiPath 4000 Switchboard Telephone SystemHiPath 4000 real-time IP communications server. Best in class real-time IP communications for medium or large enterprises

  • Full HiPath 4000 feature set available for all IP – distributed subscribers.
  • Central administration for the entire distributed IP architecture.
  • Scalable, Large capacity for HiPath 4000.
  • Up to 15 directly connected access points (AP 3300 or AP 3700).
  • Up to 83 additional IP – based access points (AP 3300 IP or AP 3700 IP).
  • Up to 12,000 digital or IP subscribers per IT switch
  • Up to 100, 000 digital or IP subscribers in the HiPath 4000 network.
  • HG 3530 standby board.
  • Signalling survivability.
  • Payload survivability.
  • Management support (for example,SNMP).
  • Voice and data transmission in real time.
  • A seamless network used by everyone in the same way.
  • Support of different protocols, including SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).
  • Easy embedding of voice communication in your IT network.
  • Significant improvement in work flows.
  • High reliability and system stability.
  • Open interfaces for the connection of existing business applications.
  • Trunking with a SIP Service Provider gives you choices.
  • Extensive compatibility with many different applications and terminal devices.
  • Best return on investment results, low operating costs and smooth-running implementation.
  • Maximum protection against hackers, viruses and downtime thanks to the implementation of innovative security mechanisms.
  • Quality of service support in IP networks by prioritizing traffic.

HiPath 4000 V4 0 Data Sheet Issue