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Gigaset DECT Multicell

    N720 DM PRO Base station manager, Seamless handover and roaming Up to 100 users / SIP accounts / handsets Exceptional HD sound with HDSP™1,2 Up to 20 base stations  N720 IP PROBase station manager, Seamless handover and roaming

Gigaset DECT Basestations

N510 IP PRO All companies need a base station to direct their communication. The N510 IP PRO is suitable SMB customers, as up to six handsets can be connected to this base station. The N510 IP PRO also supports up

Gigaset DECT Handset

  Gigaset R630H PRO The R630H PRO is the rugged business phone, designed so that you can have great quality business conversations no matter what your environment. Equipped with key features that protect your phone against dust and splashes, it’s

Gigaset IP Deskphones

DE900 IP PRO The DE900 IP PRO is the premium IP phone for flexible business communications. With a clean and contemporary design and award-winning user interface, the DE900 IP PRO offers the ultimate in connectivity, customisation and portability. All in