Gigaset DECT Handset


Gigaset-R630H-PRO Gigaset R630H PRO

The R630H PRO is the rugged business phone, designed so that you can have great quality business conversations no matter what your environment. Equipped with key features that protect your phone against dust and splashes, it’s the ideal tool for rough business days: it is even shock resistant.

Gigaset-SL610H-PRO Gigaset SL610H PRO

The SL610H PRO phone is the ultimate in handheld phones. With its sleek appearance and vast range of options, it is ideal for those who expect a lot from their telephone system.

Gigaset-S510H-PRO Gigaset S510H PRO

The S510H PRO handset is the perfect crossover between a home and business phone. This handset is easy to use and install, while providing a number of convenient extras to make your life a little bit easier.